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Select the vaccine needed and complete your booking through our website or mobile app.

Specialized Guidance

Receive a call by our specialized nursing team to receive guidance on your upcoming vaccination appointment.

Be Protected

Welcome our specialized nurse home and receive your immunization. Receive your WHO-approved vaccination card on-site.

Our Vaccines


KES 3,315.00

DTAP- IPV, HIB , Hepatitis B

KES 7,500.00

Hepatitis A (16+)

KES 4,500.00

Hepatitis A (Under 16)

KES 4,500.00

Hepatitis B (Single-dose)

KES 2,000.00

Human Papilloma Virus

KES 5,000.00


KES 2,500.00

Why Home-based Vaccination?

Understanding vaccines and tracking their schedule is daunting. TIBU supports your vaccination journey from start to finish and ensures it’s carried out on your time.


Obtain vaccine advice from our experts and let us track your vaccine schedule to ensure nothing is amiss.

Quality & Oversight

Powered by Amref Health Africa and aligned with the National Immunization Program of Kenya.


Oversight by the Pharmacy and Poisons board assures quality and authenticity of vaccines administered.

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