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Brace yourself for a buffet of healthcare services that cater to your every need. From routine check-ups to cutting-edge treatments, we've got you covered.


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Our Virtual, Clinic and Home healthcare platforms ensure you receive the appropriate level of care when you need it most. Call our virtual care team to receive coordinated care that saves you time and money.

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For three years, TIBU health has delivered quality healthcare professionalism. Their approach to delivering healthcare services has instilled confidence in us and we continue to enjoy a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Susan Chege

TIBU Health has a diverse talent pool that takes a great deal of pride in providing their clients with their services in an honest, professional and timely manner. Which contributes to our good working relationship with them.

Caroline S. Mbindyo

ICEA LION Group has had the pleasure to work with TIBU Health since 2020. They bring a new level of professionalism in the healthcare industry and have continuously proved to be efficient and reliable in delivering top notch services across the board. They have continuously offered our members and employees with over 300 services that have been delivered at home, our offices or in a virtual setting. Highly recommended.

George Nyakundi

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