The Millennial Woman Health Package (Over 21 years)
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The Millennial Woman Health Package (Over 21 years)

KES 8,457.00 KES 4,999.00

Package description

The 20s and 30s are some of the BEST years life has to offer! Stay on top of your health with this one of a kind offering. Lab tests, head-to-toe assessment and some high tech devices to give you a critical overview of your health. What's not to love?!

What we offer (Services)

General head-to-toe assessment
Physical breast examination
FDA Approved 6-Lead EKG

What we test (Lab Investigations)

Venereal disease research laboratory [Rapid Diagnostic Test]
PAP Smear [Staining & Reporting]
Lipid Profile
Total Blood Count
Blood Glucose [Random]
Urinalysis [RDT]
Human Immunodeficiency Virus [RNA Qualitative]
Hepatitis B [Qualitative]

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